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Size: 27.5X2.2
Color: Black

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The Race King is a legend. It heralded the triumph of Conti mountain biker tires on the world's race tracks. The rolling resistance is almost on the level of a racing bike tire. Yet despite outstanding grip, no mud sticks to the tread. The carcass versions Racesport, manufactured in Korbach with the latest BlackChili compound, guarantee significantly better puncture protection without noticeable extra weight.


Range of use

cross country

Product line





Folding tire


27,5 x 2,2



Air pressure

3,5 - 4,5 bar


510 g

Rubber compound

Black Chilli


180 tpi, 3 plies

Puncture protection

Race Sport


The running characteristics of a tyre's rubber compound are largely determined by three interacting factors: Stiction (grip), rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma: If you improve one of these factors, at least one other factor deteriorates in return. BlackChili Compound is the name of Continental's revolutionary tread compound based on the latest findings in polymer and raw material research. For Black Chili, Continental refines newly developed synthetic rubbers with proven natural rubber to create particularly high-performance tread compounds. Conti adds nanoscale carbon black particles to these rubbers, optimizing their shape and surface properties to tailor the compound to the tire's intended use. Tires with Black Chili Compound achieve an unprecedented level of performance. Compared to activated silica tires, Black Chili tires have a 26% lower rolling resistance, a 30% higher static friction value (grip) and a 5% higher mileage. Whether on a road bike or MTB - the speed and grip advantage is clearly noticeable! The complex compound technology is so sensitive that tires with BlackChili Compound are produced exclusively at Continental in Korbach.


Uncompromisingly designed for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport carcasses combine consistent lightweight construction and extraordinary puncture protection at the very highest level. The construction makes the difference - particularly fine and high-quality nylon fabric with elaborate, protective rubber coating and universal foot. Together with the legendary BlackChili compound, the ultimate combination for XC race and marathon.


Premium tires, made to perform at the highest level. Latest technologies, developed with the most successful athletes in the world and handmade by experienced specialists in Korbach (Handmade in Germany). Exquisite materials for highest quality are used here.

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Size: 27.5X2.2
Color: Black